Inspiring innovation in self-government

Our Vision

At the Policy Jury Group we recognize that recent innovations in public participation and civic engagement hold tremendous potential for increasing transparency in public policy making, and ultimately increasing the trustworthiness of decisions made by elected officials.  We envision a future where key innovations from this movement can support our “better angels” in public office while serving as a touchstone for a healthier political discourse—ultimately playing a key role in reversing the ascent of hostility politics and misinformation and forward toward a more resilient and engaging democracy for us all.

Policy Juries

At the Policy Jury Group, our work is focused on advancing the use of form of public deliberation that engages small groups of randomly-selected “juries” of the public to aid policy decision-makers in an impactful and non-partisan way. We call them Policy Juries. Policy Juries are based on a large body of related work that has seen increased use over past decade in a wide variety of political contexts around the world, and is correspondingly known by many names including, Citizen Juries©, Citizens’ Initiative Reviews©, Citizen Reference Panels, and Citizen Deliberative Councils, to name a few.

What We Do

At the Policy Jury Group we are dedicated to exploring when, how, and why Policy Juries can be implemented by state and local governments for the long-term benefit of society as a whole.  Our goal is to put forward well tested and fully evaluated Policy Jury programs for use by fellow reformers interested in making positive democratic change.

What We Provide

Our work is primarily focused on the state and local levels, conducted in collaboration with political reformers, policy entrepreneurs, academics, journalists, and public officials.  Our aim is to identify the lessons learned and opportunities for reform based upon cutting-edge work in the field, put forward key insights and strategies to help reformers nationwide, and provide model programs and best practices for implementing Policy Juries as a function of government.

Case Studies

Sharing the hard-won learnings of advocates working to promote innovative reforms based on focused public deliberations in their respective policy arenas.

Working Group Assessments

Collaboratively identify governing challenges that could benefit from the unique strengths of Policy Juries and other forms of focused public deliberation.

Model Policy Jury Programs

Developing model reform programs and best practices for implementing Policy Jury based reforms.


On a case-by-case basis, taking a direct role in developing Policy Jury based reform policies with local partners, and beta-testing compelling new programs at the state and local level.

Get Involved.

To find out more, or to inquire about how to get involved, please email us directly at

NEW: Position Paper on Using Citizens Juries for Reforming State and Local Redistricting Processes.

Policy Jury Group Director, Tyrone Reitman, and Amit Ron, Associate Professor at Arizona State University’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences,  propose how a citizen-jury like panel of randomly selected citizens can provide a viable solution to one of the most basic problems of redistricting: assuring the public at large that redistricting processes can have integrity.

This short position paper provides a an overview of the most common approaches to redistricting reform, their strengths and weaknesses, and how Citizens Juries could be integrated into state and local redistricting efforts at minimal fiscal and political expense.